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    Decyl Alcohol

    Decyl Alcohol in Tradeasia

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    Colorless Liquid

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    25 Kg Jerrycan

    Brief Overview

    Decyl alcohol is a medium chain fatty alcohol with a chemical formula C10H22O. The compound is made of 10 carbon atoms chain connected to a single hydroxy group. In addition, the apperance of the chemical is a colorless liquid in room temperature with a sweet fatty scent. It is insoluble in inorganic solution and has a higher density than water.


    Manufacturing Process

    Decyl alcohol is produced by high pressure catalytic hydrogenation of decanoic acid. Decanoic acid is sourced from palm kernel oil with abundant chains of long chain fatty acids and esters. The hydrogenation reaction involves catalytic material such as aluminum lithium hydride. As a result,reduction reaction is compounds of converts fatty acid chains into fatty alcohols. Lastly, the product is required to be purified by fractional distillation to enhance decyl alcohol concentration.

    Industrial Applications

    Decyl alcohol is utilized mainly in industrial applications (lubricant, fuel additives, and plasticizers). The high viscosity properties of decyl alcohol are used to create lubricant. Plasticizer is used as a material additive to adjust material’s hardness. As a fuel source, decyl alcohol provides a clean alternative instead of petrol. Decyl alcohol produce clean combustible fuel with low viscosity. 


    Food Applications

    Decyl alcohol is used for additional flavorings in food products. 


    Cosmetic Applications

    In cosmetic industries, the compound is used as an emollient to produce moisturizer. Moisturizer products are used to keep skin moisturize by creating layer of lipids to inhibit water evaporation.

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