Feather Meal Hungary Origin


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Basic Info

Appearance Name

:   Fine, light brown to tan powder or granular

Common Names

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: 50 kg or 1000-1200 kg jumbo bag

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Technical Document

Brief Overview

Feather meal is a high-protein feed ingredient derived from poultry feathers through hydrolysis and rendering processes. It contains approximately 80-85% crude protein and is valued for its amino acid profile, particularly cysteine and methionine. This nutrient-dense meal is commonly used in animal feeds, with a significant presence in poultry and swine diets, promoting growth and overall health.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of feather meal encompasses several systematic stages. Initially, poultry feathers are diligently collected from processing facilities, where they constitute a byproduct of poultry processing. Subsequently, these feathers undergo a rigorous cleansing procedure to eliminate extraneous matter and contaminants. The pivotal step involves hydrolysis, in which the feathers are subjected to elevated pressure steam and/or alkaline agents. This process catalyzes the breakdown of the protein matrix within the feathers, yielding smaller peptides and amino acids. The resultant hydrolyzed material is then carefully dried and often further ground to achieve the desired texture and particle size. Stringent quality control measures are implemented to ascertain adherence to established standards regarding protein content, amino acid profiles, and the absence of impurities. The finalized product, thus obtained, manifests as a high-protein feed ingredient, renowned for its amino acid richness, rendering it highly suitable for inclusion in animal feeds. Notably, it finds prominent utilization in poultry and swine diets, significantly contributing to growth and overall animal health.

Animal Feed Industry

Feather meal is primarily used in the diets of monogastric animals, which includes animals with a single-chambered stomach (as opposed to ruminants like cows with multiple stomach compartments). Commonly, it is used for animals such as poultry (chickens, turkeys, ducks), swine (pigs), and in some cases, aquaculture species like fish. These animals benefit from the high-protein and amino acid content of feather meal in their diets, which supports growth and overall health.

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